Maui: A View from the Road

It was but the briefest of sightings

as I traveled toward Kahului.

He was just so suddenly there,

standing up from behind the guardrail.


He looked weathered

but wore a clean chambray shirt.  His head,

covered in a shock of hair the color of Cane smoke,

wore it neatly gathered at the nape. And,

his dark and aged walnut-colored skin

seemed etched into a pattern years in the making,

resolute but seemingly pleased

with the arrival of the sun.


He smiled fully upward to it,

stretched and greeted the day after having spent the night

on the shoulder of the road, I assumed,

beneath the stalks that guarded his trespass.

Yet there he was

waking to a new day with arms held righteously high.


How simply happy in this world

he appeared

as I drove by.

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