“The 5th C: A CIA Novel” has been released

The CIA, an Unknown Force, And Russia’s Secret Cache of Diamonds

Released Dec. 10, 2016 on Amazon.com, “The 5th C” by Elaine Gallant is currently free with Kindle Unlimited or for purchase at only $2.99. The paperback, released on Jan. 25, 2017, sells at $11.99.

The story centers on a new CIA officer, Eric Dane, who finds himself shot and left for dead after his very first assignment. This makes for a golden, or rather diamond, opportunity for Operation Pop UP — the CIA’s code name for its mission to stop trillions of precious stones about to flow out of Russia’s Popigai Crater.

Now as a ghost in the field, Eric vows to unearth the forces that hold the world’s diamond market in its hands. However, the serpentine trail he takes leads to shocking discoveries far more bizarre than anyone imagines.

“Hope you enjoy my story and it transports you into Eric’s incredible journey from Miami to New York, Paris to Popigai as he fleshes out the powers that be.” Elaine Gallant


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BOOK REVIEW: I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes

Oh, man! I hardly hand out five stars, but this one deserves it. Sure I questioned some details or situations and so will you, but let it go, just let it go. This story slings all the grit a fearsome CIA thriller should. The depth, the research, the knowledge is astounding. By that, you might ask what do I know of the deeper world? In turn, I’d have to ask you the same. But let me answer anyway…just enough is more than enough to buy every detail. It’s simply a great story. That said, if you do hold greater insight, what a ride “I am Pilgrim” promises!

Review posted to Amazon.com by Elaine Gallant, May, 2016

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Book Review: The Art of Hearing Heartbeats

Very poetic and steeped in the likelihood of living, loving and becoming in Kalaw and Rangoon. I had some qualms, though, with the switchback storytelling of U Ba that played out more as story than recall or hearsay. How would he have known some of the things told within those chapters? It bothered me. That said, the story is rich and dreamy, thought-provoking and kind. It leaves me feeling peaceful.

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Book Review: “A Man Called Ove”

Like any novel worth it’s weight, “A Man Called Ove” at the beginning pushes your emotions in one direction before slowly, surely, and most expertly pulling you elsewhere by the last chapter. In my case it was into a blubbering reader with tissue in hand crying, “Oh, Ove!” . Normally I’m pretty objective but this one got me in a very good way. It’s heartwarming and touching. And, if you’ve ever known a stubborn, opionated person, you might possibly recognize that person in a new light here…in “A Man Called Ove.” I could simply read this story over and over. Posted to Amazon.com 04/13/16 by Elaine Gallant “Ove…over and over again!”

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Time to return to The Pioneer Inn

Wondering where “new” to go to dinner? Have you considered returning to somewhere “old”? How about the historic Pioneer Inn at Lahaina Harbor?

How soon we forget about this establishment when local chefs shine brighter. But, how can you beat The Pioneer Inn’s pricing and location? They have drinks at pocket-saving rates and an entire town to stroll after a delicious meal of grilled mahi mahi (right off the dock) with rice pilaf and garden vegetables. Or homemade mac and cheese, fish and chips, pork sliders. Then, afterward it’s only a short walk to any of the incredible ice cream or gelato establishments. Give the Pioneer Inn a “re-“try… It makes for a truly enjoyable night!

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Review: Red Notice by Bill Browder

Browder puts his a** on the line and his face to the window to bring justice in honor of his friend and associate,Sergei Magnitsky. What started as a personal run in Russia for wealth, then safety, then the will to make right, Browder so far lives to tell the tale. Others, obviously, have not been so fortunate. This story is immense…both in scope and in spirit. Review by Elaine Gallant

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BOOK REVIEW: A Tale For The Time Being

What a wonderful read from Ruth Ozeki. I lost time and place, which in hindsight is the perfect place to be while reading this novel. It is both sad and sweet, dreadful and hopeful. There is so much to learn and absorb. It is thoroughly entertaining; something not achieved in books I’ve read of late. “A Tale for the Time Being” is exactly that…a tale for the time being.

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BOOK REVIEW: The Chaperone

A Metaphor For Life….

A life’s story simply told that spans the elements of crucial changes in time: women’s rights, birth control, prohibition, gay living and cohabitation. It rests in lies told to cover the facts. It’s what Cora Carlisle was born into and how she was able to live and love and appreciate those who loved her in return. Life, for Cora, was never simple. Nor did it give her everything she wished, but it did teach her. And, during one summer as a chaperone for someone also reaching out, it changed her forever.

By Elaine Gallant, October 7, 2015

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Another Book Review: Kolea

I enjoyed reading Kolea and felt the story, although simple, was interesting enough to hold my attention all the way through the short read. I thought it best for a Junior High audience; a joyful history lesson taught in an artful manner.

Because of my years of outrigger paddling experience I challenged the plausibility of three individuals paddling a canoe against the horrendous current running from Kahului to Maliko and on around the island in that direction. It is a very difficult task for 6 paddlers. So much so, there has never been an organized race running in that direction.
There were a few other inconsistencies in terminology concerning rigging of canoes and materials. The term “gunwale” is not used with outriggers, rather, “gunnel.” Perhaps the author simply chose words the general reading audience would understand. On page 65 a reference was made to a nose flute made from bamboo. Bamboo is not indigenous to Hawaii and I would rather doubt made from bamboo in the days captured in this writing. I gave up being nit-picky about noting these details and relaxed into just enjoying the book after a while.

Not a bad read, just not remarkable to me.

Book Review by: Janis Casco, Sept. 2015

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Book Review: Kolea

“Kolea” by Russell Cahill —
This is a beautiful story of Hawaii: of kings and queens (titled or not) and of Hawaii culture and mythology, weaponry and warfare and most of all a story of perseverance. Although the book is titled “Kolea”, which is the name of the main character and also of a bird, there are several other interesting characters in the book, both male and female. I have learnt so many new things about Hawaiians and their islands from this book : from various species of birds and whales to building and riding canoes, to making weapons and war techniques, to Hawaii cuisine , lifestyle and women’s role. The story line is quite dense and I can easily envision a very successful new TV series based on the book.

Book Review by: Mihaela Stoops, Sept. 2015

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