The HILife — “Friends you haven’t met yet”

Just back from a visit to Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii and I don’t believe there is any place closer to what an older Hawaii must have been like.

People smiled and actually saw you. They came forward if you were looking around for a specific street and offered directions. They walked with you, even, to show you the way, chatting amicably about where you are from and how long they have “lived Hawaii”.

And, once you got to where you wanted to go and made your purchase of say some local strawberry mocchi from the Two Ladies Kitchen on Kilauea Ave and started back, there they would be again just to make sure you had found your destination.

Even more surprising, they accepted your offer in return of one big ono strawberry mocchi that they were not expecting. Something “strangers” wouldn’t do. But in Hilo there are no strangers…only friends you haven’t met yet.

Yes, I think that’s what an older Hawaii must have been like and it brings a smile to everyone’s faces. I’m so happy it still exists!

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