Choices, Choices, Choices…

There’s a new restaurant on Maui’s westside located near Mind’s Eye called “Choice Health Bar”. Owners Emily Kunz and Kathryn Dahm serve “local, fresh, green, organic, vibrant, the next level” foods. And, yep, you can bet on the fact that everything they serve is both tasty and healthy.

I had the Beet dot Quinoa salad special that was out of this world while my husband had the kale salad that he said was “worth every bite”. Go figgah!

These gals know what they’re doing at Choice Health Bar, so I hope you will give them a try. Located at 1087 Limahana Place in Lahaina.

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  1. elainegallant says:

    Bob and I have been there a few times and do recommend it. Everything we’ve had has been very tasty. The Acai desserts are good too. I did have a green drink that was a bit too green for me so I’ll probably stick to water but probably is really appealing to the more vegan palate.

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