Heard it through the coconut wireless…

It’s true! Although my hope was that it was not….Patt Saunders is moving to Bend, Oregon!!

Here is a copy of the e-mail sent to me to be shared with you… WE ALL WISH YOU WELL, PATT. BUT KNOW THAT IN OUR HEARTS WE REALLY WISH YOU WERE STAYING!! We also hope to see you again on Maui when you come back to visit. And, yes, you will remain on our list until you ask to be removed or change your address and forget to tell us (hint: keep us in mind). Take care and have a safe and enjoyable transition in your fabulously, beautiful new location in Bend.


Hi Elaine,
Thanks for your email, yes it is true! We are moving to Bend! Our plans happened so quickly and it was just so speedy. We leave on Wednesday and our container leaves on Monday.

I do hope you’ll keep me on your email list, I hope to be back for visits and would love to be back with our group again for an evening.

It’s been such a delight meeting you and I am so inspired by the way you organize and lead. Thank you so much for bringing this club to life! I am so grateful for the times I was part of it.

Take care and my very best wishes to all the girls.

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  1. elainegallant says:

    Thanks for the email, Elaine. I knew that Pat was leaving but not that
    soon!! Pat, we will miss you!


    Barb Potts

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