A Visit from Japanese Author, Yuko Goto

West Maui Book Club member, Barbara Kerbox recently introduced Japanese Author, Yuko Goto to me and my household of family and friends.  Present was: Barbara’s husband, Bill; me and my husband, Gary Weiss; and our Japanese visitors, Yoko and Takeru Igarashi.

It seems Yuko is the author of several books sold on Amazon.com that includes one of travel essays to Korea for the Japanese tourist. She was thoughtful enough to present us with two copies, along with some wooden bookmarks that she had purchased at Kamakura Hachimanguu, a shrine near her home in Japan.  She also shared with us her interesting and ongoing travel blog.

Yuko’s first four books center on a popular Korean drama series that is currently in reruns.  Through her work, she attempts to explain to the show’s Japanese fans the much deeper meanings of the character’s relationships, goals and lives portrayed.  Her books have been very well received.

The Gotos have been friends with Barbara and Bill for 8-10 years and you will often find them out dining or playing tennis at the Royal Lahaina Resort where Yuko and her husband have reserved their same “honeymoon” suite 21 times!

For more information, go to http://yukomaru.blogzine.jp

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