Book Review: The Light in the Ruins

What’s not to love about a good mystery draped and entrenched with history, elegance and matters of the heart? The characters are real to the touch. Their fallacies imaginable. And their passion deep and strong. I wondered throughout: Is the murderer the Nazi, Friedrich Strekker? Ilario, the sheep herder? Is it Roberto Pirreda, the director of Arezzo Museum? Is it a woman as suggested? If so, whom? Giulia? The shield of anonymity holds throughout…what a surprise to finally be told…yes! Because I never could decide.

My hope is that book club members include discussion about the many victims of the war: Serafina, Christina, Francesca, Vittore, Marco, the entire Rosati family. The damage and how each person was affected. I also hope someone brings up and talks about all the compromises everyone makes due to the war…and I mean everyone, especially Marco.

The Light in the Ruins is a wonderful read. It should make for a great night of discussion.

4.0 out of 5 stars Intriguing read
The Light in the Ruins (Vintage Contemporaries) (Kindle Edition)
By Elaine Gallant
August 14, 2014

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