Book Review: “Beyond the Bear…” By Dan Bigley and Debra McKinney

I just read “Beyond the Bear – How I Learned to Live and Love again After Being Blinded By a Bear” by Dan Bigley and Debra McKinney.

Well, I fully expected to read a real tale of horror, having heard of Bigley’s attack in the news, but was thoroughly enamored with the way it is told here. The tale is more hopeful than horrid, more inspiring then sad. McKinney has done a fabulous job…no small endeavor considering what transpired. I also fully expected to have Kleenex in hand throughout, which I did, except it was to wipe away tears of joy from Bigley’s own. Way to go, both of you. Bigley, your spirit is amazing, and McKinney, you let it shine. I often forgot who did the actual writing! PS I started reading this Easter morning, 2014, and finished by 2:10 PM. Could not put it down….

Live Lovingly, Laugh Freely

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