Wild about “Wild”, a Novel by Cheryl Strayed

Have you ever read a book that so captured the more poignant times in your life that it left you breathless? Reading the latest novel by Cheryl Strayed titled “Wild” did exactly that for me, except I wasn’t so wild as more similarly and doggedly determined to tame life’s complex and bewildered emotions at a very young age.

We shared the trail, mine the Appelacian…in part…and she the Pacific Coastal. There was more but I won’t spoil the novel for you, nor will I foolishly divulge any personal pitfalls and triumphs. You will have your own discoveries between the covers of this book.

It is a revealing journey within a journey and you should find it a worthy one, particularly if you believe in yourself today because of all the things life has dealt you, taught you, and most assuredly you survived. Pick it up and happy trails….

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