Wolf Boys
by Dan Slater


West Maui Book Club Discussion Questions

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1. Laredo was founded in the 1850’s…there has always been border smuggling. What has happened to increase the thug/assassin mentality?

2. If Gabriel had lived in another State, could his life have gone in a different direction?

3. What could his parents done for him to gone straight and pursued an education?

4. If you and your family (child, nephew, niece) lived in Laredo with limited resources, what could you do to keep your children out of the gangs or drug world mentality?

5. Are parents taking responsibility for the actions of their children in other States?

6. Did Bart seem remorseful to you?

7. Robert Garcia: What motivates him to pursue these killers & smugglers?

8. What is wrong with our Society? Young people 18 & under are attracted to drugs, why?

9. Are they a reflection of their parents’ view of life? Get high and be happy?

10. Do you know of any families that have had to deal with drug/other addictions?

10. Were you surprised to learn that Cartels operate like Fortune 500 companies?

11. Their recruitment & training practices? What did you think of the hiring problems in Europe?

12. What can be done by U.S. Gov. & Mexican Gov. to stop this carnage?

13. What are the underlying issues? Lack of Education-Easy money-A lucrative business good guys/bad guys-What else?

14. NAFTA: What laws or restrictions can be improved for 60,000 trucks coming over the border into Texas?

15. If NAFTA was to be abolished today, what do you think would happen to Laredo?

16. As a U.S. tax payer, do you think the War on Drugs since its inception (1969-70) and the billions spent have been effective?

17. Is this an international responsibility? What can the U.S. UN, etc. do to improve the problem?

Questions compiled by:
Diane Pure
West Maui Book Club
May, 2018