by Dean Koontz


West Maui Book Club Discussion Questions

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1) What do you believe is the underlying theme of this story? Love conquers all? Friendship heals? Loyalty above all else? Good beats evil every time?

2) Einstein and The Outsider are polar opposites but linked, telepathically at least, from being in the lab together. What are their differences? What are their commonalities? (hint: think movies)

3) The Outsider loathes himself because of his looks but wants to be loved. He tears out the eyes of all his victims so they cannot see him. He smashes mirrors although keeps a sliver of one for himself in a cave. Discuss how deep seeded this must be. Did you feel sorry for him?

4) Lemuel Johnson felt pity for The Outsider. Why do you think he felt this way? s it because he felt like an Outsider too with his wife and kids?

5) There’s a duality with many of the characters: Einstein/The Outsider; Travis/Nora; and Lem/Walt. Not so with Vincent Nasco, unless one considers Arthur Streck. Or is it that there’s an evil person/animal for every good? Einstein/Travis; Nora/Streck; Lem/The Outsider…?

6) Who do you think are the real heroes in this story? Can you think of any others? (hint: Dr. James Keene, veterinarian)

7) What did you think of Nora’s transformation after meeting Travis and Einstein?

8) What did you think of Nora’s aunt?

9) How would you have handled a TV repair man the likes of Arthur Streck?

10) Do you recall the reason for the lab calling it The Francis Project? Is it coincidental that Nora’s lawyer Garrison Dilworth’s deceased wife was named Francine?

11) Why do you think Lemuel Johnson and team couldn’t find, trap, or kill The Outsider when they had so many people and so much technology working for them?

12) What is your assessment of “Watchers?” Fabulous, likeable, not believable, contrived, or what and why? What worked for you to make you love it? What didn’t work for you to make you not love it?

Questions compiled by: Elaine Gallant
West Maui Book Club
Jan. 2019