Julie Corrine -- offers 32 principles to help you live your calling in "Finding Your Piece."

Julie is lucky and she might be the first to tell you this before she retracts it and says it's not so much about being lucky as being connected - through meditation - one of the 32 primary techniqes she uses to help people pursue their life's calling in her book titled "Finding Your Piece."

Meditation, for Julie, was a way to unlock the gates to her own calling after suffering several years of personal setbacks. She could stay in Chicago working as a fitness trainer, life coach and motivational speaker and be close to the comfort of family and friends. Or she could follow her dream of actually publishing her 32 inspirational principles and offering her complete services on Maui, a place she admits had much to teach her.

“Once you know what your true feelings are, you just have to live it,” Julie says, because, “when you feel restless in your soul then you know it is time to make a change.”

Julie’s immediate transformation started when she first came to Maui’s west side in 2008 to attend Dr. Wayne Dyer’s retreat called “Excuses Begone!” It was here where she says her life changed in about 30 seconds. It was here where her eyes and mind opened, where she began to breathe and where she now flourishes.

The result was the completion of her book “Finding Your Piece”; written more importantly to be a guideline to finding yours in the greater puzzle of life.

Jesse Wald of Uplifting Fitness, also of Maui’s west side, says, “I believe her message can relate to anyone. Ten completely different people could read this book and they might all find a different message but I think they would all learn something of value… This book can help people work through uncertainty and begin to live their calling whatever it might be.”

“Finding Your Piece” reveals three phases in life that most of us must pass to help reach that objective: the hiding phase, the healing phase, and the calling phase. Each is significant and the book’s goal is to help people who might be in their hiding phase get back in touch with their personal GPS so they can heal and begin their true life’s work.

For Jesse, this meant using Principle #8 - creative visualization - a technique he returns to again and again for both professional and personal goals.

“If you can not visualize in your mind’s eye what you hope to achieve, “ he says, “there is no way you will be able to plan and execute the necessary steps of getting from where you are now to where you want to be.”

The book, not surprisingly, is just the beginning for Julie whose future plans include an annual four-day “Red Journey” retreat based on her 32 principles so that people can live its teachings. It will include inspirational guest speakers, workshops, and course work. It will also include nutritional, fitness, and motivational encouragement.

The first is slated on Maui for Feb. 2014 but she hopes to add more in other locales so that she can offer two per year and make a greater impact on people’s lives.

For Jesse, who as a fellow trainer can appreciate Julie’s incredible energy, adds, “I am, I feel, living my calling and I am able to relate to the message that Julie is trying to spread.”

And so will you…because, if anything, Julie has truly found her piece here on Maui’s west side and is ready to help you find yours.

You can reach Julie Corrine at Jcaudino@gmail.com.or by visiting her website to purchase your personalized copy and/or a special package at www.JulieCorrine.com. Her book can also be purchased directly at the Westin Kaanapali Ocean Resort Spa, at the Kapalua Spa or online through BalboaPress.com, Barnesandnoble.com and Amazon.com.

Written by: Elaine Gallant, Mar. 2013
West Maui Book Club